Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's a very good thing

F4DAE Student Volunteer Team Leader Amparo Bacallao
presents the first Amazing Sketchbook Awards,
Thursday, November 21st at the JCC.

Congratulations to:

Coral Gables Preparatory Academy
Isabella Gonzalez  |  
Sophia Rappazzo
nominated by Kisha Porter, art teacher


International Studies Prep Academy
Claudia Guerra  |  Genesis Medina

nominated by 
Patricia Keller,  art teacher

Now Forming...
the F4DAE Volunteer Board
Join us in making a BIG difference in the life of a young artist.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Very Thankful!

Visit our Website fund4arted.org for more information about 

2nd Meeting of the Student Volunteer Board
Panara at SW 136th Street
Saturday, November 16th at 1 :00

Co-Founders of F4DAE 
Marlene and Marilyn 
with  AMAZING DASH student artist 
Dylan Etienne
at the Taste of Design Gala and Silent  Auction

As Thanksgiving approaches...

Special Thanks to:

Art Cares for Kids 

Laura Tan

 A thank you letter from one of our fabulous Isaiah Fund recipients...

I could not have thanked everyone else, and forget to thank the two special people that made this possible. I am grateful for your efforts. They have given me the opportunity to work towards something without having to worry as much about financial obligations.

As soon as I received your e-mail I went on-line to check out what The Fund 4 Design & Art Education was, and so I came across your blog. I was surprised to read that it had been created only two weeks ago. I kind of giggled as I read it, not because it was funny, but because I hadn’t realized how quickly an idea could evolve. This is why I called the next day to gather more details, and I am glad I did, because I now know who thought of me when I thought I would not be remembered. I already appreciated her teachings, but now I will forever be more grateful of Ms. A, as well as of you two (I will personally thank her when I get back to Miami).

Without your permission, I have taken a little piece of each of you and I will keep it with all the good memories of all the people who have helped, and inspired me along my way.

I have really thought about the mission statement or goal of this program, that one of you had provided me over the phone, and I hope that I can do just that. I hope that in the future I remember to reflect on this opportunity and discover a way to give back to our creative community. If you ever find that I could help with anything, do not hesitate to contact me.  

Thank you,
Nathania Martinez

Sunday, October 27, 2013

get involved! 
Marlene Kohn, co-founder and Andres Martinez

Our first ever student volunteer luncheon met Saturday, October 26th.
We are thrilled to have Ms. Grace Torres serving as our fabulous student advisor! 

Fund scholarship recipients Amparo Bacallao (MDC), our Volunteer Team Leader, and Andres Martinez (FIU) along with student representatives from Arthur and Polly Mays Conservatory of the Arts, and Design and Architecture Senior High were on hand 
for a lively lunch and learn exchange.
You can learn more about Grace and Ampi by visiting our website.

Grace Torres, Advisor with Marilyn Traeger, co-founder

If you would like to  represent your school and get involved please contact us at info@fund4arted.org

 Andres Martinez with his new portfolio donated by Maria Martinez
empower students

abundant thanks to:

Howard Traeger for his very generous donation

Suzy Breitner of the Alper JCC for her pledge of support 
for the Spring Silent Art Auction 

Abbey Chase for her counsel and agreeing to serve on our board

Maria Martinez for her in-kind donation

Mortimer Hecheverria, President of Dade Art Educators  and Mabel Morales, District Supervisor, 
Visual Arts/Dance at Miami-Dade County Public Schools for their never-ending support of the Fund

Margie Campmany and Nancy Handler of South Miami Middle Community School for providing the PD that introduced the AMAZING SKETCHBOOK PROJECT  
 dmake artistic dreams come true

visit our website

Sunday, October 20, 2013

get involved!

Our student volunteer luncheon meeting takes place this month.  We are looking forward to meeting with student representatives from Arthur and Polly Mays Conservatory of the Arts, Coral Reef Senior High, Florida International University, and Miami-Dade College.

NOW organizing  our  ALL GROWN-UP BUT KIDS @ heART Board and Volunteers.
Please contact us if you would like to help make an art kid's dream come true.

If you would like to get involved please contact us at info@fund4arted.org

abundant thanks to:

Arlene Kahn for her very generous donation

Carlos Castellanos co-creator of Baldo for his pledge of support

Tracy Kohn for her counsel

visit our website

to see the newest portfolio additions from our F4D&AE scholarship recipients 
Nathania Martinez and Amparo Bacallao

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Fund 4 Design & Art Education seeks to further the creative development of high school art students by providing guidance, financial assistance for college tuition, 
art supplies, textbooks, and accommodations.

Please visit our new website 


Congratulations to the Fund 4 Design & Art Education's first scholarship recipient.
Andres is an Art Education major at Florida International University.

Mortimer Hecheveria, Dade Art Educators President;
Andres Martinez, First F4DAE scholarship recipient;
Bryan T. Petorak, District Supervisor, Performing Arts

Get involved!
Our Student Volunteer Coordinator, Amparo Bacallao will be happy to contact you with suggestions on how you can get in on the ground floor and help the F4DAE.
You might recognize Amparo's name as one of our own scholarship recipients.

Abundant Thanks to:
Lilia Garcia and the Coconut Grove Art Festival
Sabine Bittel
for their generous donations.

Natalie Kopke
for being the first F4DAE scholarship recipient 

to agree to participate in our upcoming Art Show and Sale
at the Michael-Ann Russell JCC this April.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


The first Fund 4 Design & Art Education Scholarship Recipients

Natalie Kopke

Ricardo Hernandez

Amparo Bacallao

Jillian Marasigan

Nathania Martinez
Sponsored by Lilia Garcia for The Coconut Grove Art Festival

Andres Martinez
Sponsored by F4D&AE

Monday, August 12, 2013

Here we go!

August 12, 2013
The Fund 4 Design & Art Education is born!

This is what happens when two retired art teachers, Marlene Kohn and Marilyn Traeger combine their creative forces to help kids who are passionate about art and/or design continue their artistic education after high school.

We brainstormed today over salad and sandwiches, ran into two former students, and came away from our meeting with lists of things to do before next Monday.

Do you love kids, art, & design?
Do you like helping make artistic dreams come true?
If you do,  please contact us so you can get in on the ground floor.

We need great networkers, designers, and people who are compelled to make this world a better place for kids now and in the future.

So far we have lists and plans, the support of the Dade Art Educators Association, a 501(c)(3) and a very generous $5,000 contribution from Lilia Garcia and the Coconut Grove Art Festival.